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CaraNua & Jason Tonioli in Concert - Jason Tonioli

Jason Tonioli is a friend of ours! Several of our advanced students have learned and performed his arrangements and original work. If you are..

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Photos from Manwaring Music's post

What a wonderful day filled with recitals! Such great students playing some pretty awesome pieces. “Thank you” to each and every one of you..

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Recitals are coming up next week! (Dec. 16) We hope you are hearing “that one Christmas tune” ALOT!! With one broken wrist and the other..

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Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. “We are THANKFUL for YOU!”

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Llamas and a Little Boy star in "The Performance" - A holiday short film from Cost Plus World Market

This message is for our students… Our Christmas recitals are coming up next month. Find your “llama” and practice up! You’ll create joy all..

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Manwaring Music Blog

August Piano Camp 2016

We had so much fun with rhythm & counting at August Camp!    ...

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July Piano Camps 2016

Watch the video and see just how much fun we have at Piano Camp!...

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August Piano Camp 2015

August Piano Camp was filled with rhythm! From counting & rhythm activities to sequencing great ensembles, there was fun and learning mixed together for a fun music camp experience. A big thank you to our parents & students! ….til next...

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July Piano Camp 2015

We had so much fun this month at piano camp! We focused on gaining note and interval recognition skills, and learned about the great composer Frederick Chopin (pronounced Show-Pan!) The older girls took the opportunity to learn composing skills. They...

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App of the Month!

It’s been a while since we have added a fun app! Check out “The Most Addictive Sheep Game”.  It is not listed under music apps, but we have fun with it musically. Students must tap, swipe, roll fingers on the screen precisely to the...

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July Piano Camp 2014!

It’s July’s Piano Theory Camp! In this camp we focused heavily on note naming skills. We started with learning tricks to remember those silly note names!   Hoola Hoop Theory! Students name the staff notes and then toss water balloons...

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Liberty Learning to Play Piano!

Liberty came to lessons today with an original art drawn just for her to remember to curve her fingers and keep her wrists up! Here is Liberty’s first Twinkle, Twinkle! Your browser does not support the video tag...

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Halloween & Master Class Fun!

What a fun week for piano! Master Class has returned. Each student performed beautifully. We discussed how to “feel” the music and interpret the dynamic signs. Theory review was “Scale Scramble” and “Say What?” -fa...

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Music App of the Month!

Here is a fun note reading game that I like to use when we have a few minutes left of lesson time. It gets the kids thinking quickly to name the notes correctly. They can add this game to the end of practice sessions at home! Note Squish-On the top o...

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August Piano Camp 2013

  We had a wonderful summer full of music activities! Thank you to all the students that participated. Music skills were gained, friendships formed, along with great musical memories that last forever! The younger students all had a great experi...

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Minimusic is a nine month pre-reading course which teaches music theory to children ages 4-7.



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