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Manwaring Music’s Teachers

Paula Manwaring

Paula Manwaring

Paula Manwaring, NCTM is a music educator, composer and author of Minimusic, a group theory course for young beginners. She began her piano studies at an early age and continued through her college years. Paula attended Brigham Young University where she studied under Dr. Robert Smith. Her college studies of music theory began her quest to effectively integrate music theory into her younger student’s curriculum. She has enjoyed teaching piano for the past 30 years and currently maintains two independent piano studios in Salt Lake City where she actively serves as UMTA Salt Lake Chapter President. She is the mother of five and grandmother of seven.

Tiffany Horrocks

Tiffany Horrocks

Tiffany has always loved the piano. She began teaching in 2005, attended the University of Utah, and studied piano under Jeffery Price and Pamela Jones. She has been involved with the University’s ACappella Choir throughout her semesters there. Tiffany graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music in May of 2013. Her experience as Counselor and Head Cook at summer camps and volunteer mission work in Ohio has only increased her love for children and ability to work with them. Tiffany believes in the power of music and its uplifting effect on one’s life. She hopes to instill that belief in each student she works with by teaching to their individual needs and musical desires.

Melanie Gearing

Melanie Gearig

Melanie began teaching piano lessons in 2006 while taking a piano pedagogy course at the University of Utah. She was a student there studying piano under Dr. Ning Lu from 2004-2008, and recieved her Bachelor of Music, emphasis in piano performance. She began studying the piano at the age of 7 and then in high school began participating in piano festivals, recieving superiors, and then afterwards participated in competitions. While playing music brings her great joy, teaching music to her students has become one of her passions. Along with the piano, Melanie also plays the violin.

Saralee Johnston

Saralee Johnston

Saralee began studying the piano at age 8 and has been teaching piano since 2000. She earned her Bachelors degree in Psychology at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. Saralee has a great combination of piano/teaching skills and psychology skills that benefit her students. She is currently working as Administrative Assistant to the CEO of Highland Ridge Hospital and teaches piano two nights a week. Saralee loves children and has a unique ability to connect musically with each student.


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    February 12, 2013

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  • Lynwood F. Bronson
    December 18, 2017

    I have two piano students, age 7 & 10, Cora and Elise Germer, whose parents are moving to Cottonwood Heights in January. They are good average students — for they read well, can count and understand music fundamentals. We are looking for a piano teacher whose students regularly perform in recitals, participate in master classes and perhaps even enter competitions. Can you make a recommendation?

    I call them “average,” since neither has perfect pitch or is an exceptionally rapid learner — that would more describe our Asian students, who are naturally gifted and seem to have the “work ethic” in their genes from birth.

    • Paula Manwaring
      December 18, 2017

      There are several good teachers in the Cottonwood Heights area. I would love to take Cora and Elise, but currently have a waiting list. They are welcome to call me. 801-263-3550
      Karlyen Tan 801.733.9782 is excellent and located in that area. Here is a link to the UMTA teachers that may also be helpful. Hopefully, this helps!

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