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We had so much fun at July’s piano camp. Hopefully everyone learned better how to name the notes and count the rhythm, and had fun doing it!
We played the “Thimble Game” on the trampoline. Naming notesunder pressure is the game!
Colt, Zachery, and Zoe work hard to unwrap the sarburst before
another student flips over a “G” note!

Aiden, Taylor, and Zoe were great at finding the correct note name to matchthe note on the staff that I was holding!


Casey, Finley, and Aiden worked hard to notate the correct measure
on the sidewalk!

Eleni, Colt, Mary, Zachery, Zoe, and Eric all show their art & music skills
as they draw the notes and staff correct!

Gabe and Sammie get dry after “pool theory”!

Colt is trying to name the notes correctly so that he doesn’t pop theballoon and get everyone wet!

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