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About Our Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are offered Monday thru Friday, 2:30 – 7:00 pm.
Students have the option of private lessons or group classes.

Private Lessons

Beginning – Intermediate / 30 min. weekly lessons
Late Intermediate to Early Advanced / 45 min. weekly lessons (weekly practice session w/ teacher also available)

Students have the opportunity to learn a variety of repertoire, from folk to classical to modern pop music.  We feel strongly about theory and integrate theory into our lessons through worksheets, hands-on activities, and computer games. Students begin early to understand scales, chords, and sight reading.  We like to have fun with technology and the students benefit with our Technics digital pianos, on-line theory sites, and iPad rhythm and ear training apps.

Students participate in two recitals each year; Spring and Winter. Solos, duets, and ensembles are each included in the programs.  We also offer summer piano camps in June and July for group music activities that help our students learn note names, counting, and composer history in a fun and interactive way.  It’s always fun to mix children and music!

Group Lessons

(3 students per group) -beginning to intermediate 1 hour weekly classes

Group piano classes are always fun as students enjoy interacting with one another through music. Each student has their own digital piano equipped with headphones. The class is divided into three sections; lesson / computer / creative time (recording, ensemble work, group theory).

Group class students also participate in our Summer and Winter recitals as well as summer piano camps.